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Committees & Chairs

Poppy & Remembrance - Linda Ambrose
Youth Education - Peter Bachelor
Bursary - Gary White
Membership - Shirley Spinks
Finance - Rob Sova
Honours and Awards - Joyce LeBeau
Veterans' Services - Allan Haan
Seniors' Services - Joyce LeBeau
Community Activities - Joyce LeBeau
Fund Raising -Cathie Moore
Training and Org Dev - Vacant
Sports - Dan Spitzig
Cadet Liaison - Jean Lanouette
Remembrance Park - Roy Blair
Security - Gerry Dean
Archives and Memorabilia - Rich McDonald
Cenotaph Maintenance and Colour Party - Paul B. Allen



Track & Field - Vacant
Public Relations -Larry Harrison
Bar -Gerry Dean
Office - Kris Schulz
Property - Winston Spratt
Entertainment - Winston Spratt
Member Communications -Larry Harrison
Nominations - Rich McDonald
Rentals - Sylvia McGowan
Legionnnaire - Simone Bachelor
Vimy Remembrance - TBD
Website - Barry Young
Technology -Vacant
Facilities Planning -Vacant
Funeral Arrangements -Joyce Lebeau
Branch Soloist - Sylvia McDonald




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