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Executive / Officers

Executive Committee

Linda Ambrose
Paul Whynacht

Roy Blair
Joyce Lebeau

Rich McDonald
Cathie Moore
Kris Schulz
Shirley Spinks
Dan Spitzig


Officers 2016-17:

President - Winston Spratt
Immediate Past President - Larry Harrison
1st Vice-President - Allan Haan
2nd Vice-President - Peter Delaney
3rd Vice-President - Roy Blair
Treasurer - Rob Sova
Secretary - Margery Toner-Haan
Sergeant-At-Arms - Paul B. Allen
Chaplain - Paul Whynacht


These nine Executive members are NOT elected as chairs of particular committees (eg sports or membership or youth ed.)  It is the responsibility of the President, in consultation, to appoint executive members to particular chairs and responsibilities. These appointments are then ratified by the Executive as a whole and by the general membership.

In addition, the Immediate Past President is a member of the Executive and an Officer of the Branch.

This is in accordance with the By-Laws for Branches and according to our own Branch Regulations.  Eligibility requirements are clearly stated in the by-laws. 




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