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Wounded Warriors Canada

Contact information for wounded warriors is as follows:



Telephone:                                                      1-888-706-4808

Facsimile (Fax):                                               1-905-430-9419

General Inquiries e-mail:                    ;

Health Services Inquiries e-mail:      ;



310 Byron Street South, Suite 4

Whitby, Ontario

L1N 4P8


Wounded Warriors Canada is a national mental health service provider utilizing clinical best practices and evidence-informed care to create an environment of compassion, resiliency, and hope for Canada’s veterans, first responders, and their families.  Programs include:


  • Trauma Resiliency Program (TRP).  The TRP is an innovative Operational Stress Injury program that is aimed at helping veterans, active-duty members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and First Responders who have been exposed to traumatic events.  The Trauma Resiliency Program (TRP) is a professionally facilitated program that helps participants acquire the necessary tools for overcoming the natural and understandable effects of traumatic exposure, based upon a clear understanding of the physical and social effects of traumatic injury.  The two-phase program focuses on the value of hard work and the importance of peer recognition in transforming wounds into scars, and scars into roadmaps for resiliency - a clinically facilitated program that helps Veterans and First Responders acquire the necessary tools to overcome the natural and understandable effects of traumatic exposure. Based on a clear understanding of the physical and social effects of traumatic injury, TRP focuses on the value of hard work and the importance of peer recognition in transforming wounds into scars and scars into a roadmap for resiliency;


  • Couples Overcoming PTSD Everyday (COPE).  The wounded Warriors Canada COPE program is a two-phase program for couples affected by Operational Stress Injury (OSI) / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);


  • Couples Resiliency Program (CRP).  The CRP helps couples impacted by Post Traumatic and Operational Stress injuries to improve their relationships with their spouses / partners.  The program utilizes well-supported clinical practices, in conjunction with equine-assisted treatment interventions to provide a unique therapeutic experience, with a learn-by-doing approach.  It is a 4-day program offered nationally, with couples participating in both group and individual couples’ sessions, supported by two clinical facilitators.  The areas covered include:


  • Equine-assisted Learning (non riding horse activities);

  • PTSD and OSI sign, symptoms, and the brain;

  • Conflict Resolution;

  • Improving Communication; and

  • Balancing the transition in and out of service roles.


Horses, by nature, respond quickly to their environments and people providing couples new insights about themselves and their relationships.  The equine component creates a unique blend or traditional and alternative clinical approaches to help increase self-awareness and understanding to improve the many challenges impacting the relationships.


  • PTSD Service Dogs.  Since 2012, Wounded Warriors has been the national leader in funding the training and pairing of PTSD Service Dogs.  The Service Dog Program supports the pairing of approximately 100 service dogs annually, and addresses the following elements:


  • A consistent national standard;

  • The Identification of funded Service Dog Providers, across Canada, where training meets or exceeds published standards, and the providers are willing to work cooperatively with other funded Service Dog Programs;

  • The implementation of Clinically informed mandatory service dog prescriber guidelines, in all cases; and

  • A clear regionally based application process with all intakes being conducted by the service dog provider. in the client’s region.


Currently, Wounded Warriors Canada identifies two service dog providers, as follows:


  • National Service Dogs; and

  • Fire Team K-9’s


Wounded Warriors Canada offers several other programs, with information available on the website.  These programs include, but may not be limited to, the following:


  • Before Operations Stress (BOS);

  • Trauma Informed Leadership;

  • Trauma Resiliency Training;

  • Spousal Resiliency Program;

  • Warrior Kids – Virtual Program;

  • Warrior Kids Camp and Virtual Program; and

  • Peer-Support Facility Dog Program

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