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Veterans Matter

VAC also offers veterans a mobile app called Veterans Matter which is not specific to suffers from PTSD / OSI.  It provides information about services, benefits offered to veterans, CAF, and RCMP members and their families.  An example of what the app offers includes:


  • finding a nearby event or ceremony;

  • the Canadian Virtual War Memorial;

  • Find a Memorial (in Canada) applications;

  • Location finder for the nearest offices of the following:


  • Veterans Affairs Canada;

  • Service Canada office;

  • CAF Transition Centre;

  • Bureau of Pension Advocates; or

  • Operational Stress Injury (OSI) clinic.


  • access to the My VAC Account website;

  • VAC’s Facebook, Twitter; plus

  • access to VAC's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.



The download button is located at the bottom of the following webpage:


If a veteran does not have a mobile phone, similar information is available in individual links appearing on the webpage.

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