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Heroes Mending on the Fly

Heroes Mending on the Fly Canada is a veterans’ support organization dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of injured veterans and members of the Canadian Military, RCMP, and first responder communities.  It provides information and instruction on fly fishing, fly tying, and associated activities, including classes on fly-tying, basic fly casting and advanced fly casting.

Contact Information is as follows:


Whether you are interested as a program participant, a volunteer, or a prospective sponsor, contact is available either by means of direct contact with the National Director or applicable Provincial Director (via the e-mail addresses provided), or by completing the contact form available on the organization’s webpage.





National Director:            E-mail:

(Mr. Jeffrey Gervais)


Provincial Director (Ontario):      E-Mail:        

(Jamie Vieveen)

Provincial Assistant Director:       E-Mail:        

(Mr. Tony Ricard)

Provincial Director (Quebec):     E-mail:        

(Richard Blanchet)

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