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Legion Seniors

Elder Wellness and Security (including Elder Abuse Information)


Information for Older Adults, Families, and Caregivers


Seniors’ Guidebook to Safety and Security


Planning for a Safe and Secure Future - a Legal Toolkit


Key Resources & Strategies for Increasing Access to Justice for Older Victims / Survivors of Sexual Assault (March 2020)


Ageing and Health Factsheet, from the World Health Organization (WHO)


World Health Organization (WHO): World Report on Aging and Health


An Evidence-Informed National Seniors Strategy for Canada, Second Edition, January 2016.


United Way Seniors Vulnerability Report.


Seniors Living Alone in Canada: New Insights on Well-being from Time Use Data


Promising Approached Revisited:  Effective action on loneliness in later life (October, 2020).


The Psychology of Loneliness: Why it matters and what we can do.


The Missing Million:  A Practical Guide to Identifying and Talking About Loneliness.


Jody Wilson-Raybould INDEPENDENT Vancouver Granville: Seniors and Social Isolation.


Reconceptualizing Family Well-being


UK (British) Document on Adult Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse (an excellent read)


Elder Law (an excellent read from Whaley Estate Litigation Partners)


Dating as an Older Adult


Are You Dating? - Older Adults and Healthy Relationships, from the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick


Romance Scam Warning Signs.


Are You Dating? - Older Adults and Healthy Relationships, from the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse


The Toronto Declaration on the Global Prevention of Elder Abuse.


Missing Voices:  Views of Older Persons on Elder Abuse.;jsessionid=4D1551FF8C7229A5A8C6643B67D67F59?sequence=1


Word to the Wise: Knowledge of Capacity, Violence, and Risk is Vital in Supporting Older Women


Aging Without Violence – An Ontario Programme


Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes: What You Need to Know,abuse%20that%20frequently%20goes%20underreported%2C%20under-investigated%2C%20and%20unnoticed.


Learning Brief:  Elder Sexual Assault in Long Term Care Facilities – Recommendations for Research, Policy, and Practice.


Public Inquiry into the Safety and Security of Residents in the Long-Term Care Homes System.


Situation Critical: Planning, Access, Levels of Care and Violence in Ontario’s Long-Term Care


Preventing Elder Abuse


Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network (PEAPN) Webpage (an excellent Canadian site on Elder Abuse, securing help, providing access to resources, etc. – a worthwhile site to visit)


World Alzheimer Report 2019 – Attitudes to dementia.


Call it Femicide: Understanding gender-related killings of women and girls in Canada 2019.


Abuse and Femicide of the Older Women


CORE Community Supports to Age in Community


Fact Book on Aging in B.C. and Canada


Conference Report: National Dementia Conference – Inspiring and Informing a National Dementia Strategy for Canada.


Youtube Videos on Elders Issues (Note: Youtube has a long list of videos on Seniors Issues, here are but a few):


What is Elder Abuse – How and Why it’s Occurring (nursing home focused)


Understanding and Preventing Elder Abuse


Elder Abuse – What You Need to Know


Spotting and Stopping Elder Abuse


Interventions for preventing elder abuse:  What’s the evidence?


How to Prevent Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation


Preventing Elder Financial Abuse and Exploitation for / with Tellers


Eight (8) Tips For Preventing Elder Abuse


Protecting Yourself from Financial Abuse (from the Canadian Bankers Association)


Phone Scam Flashcards


Little Black Book of Scams


Every Resident’s Bill of Rights (Ontario Long Term Care Homes)


A Google Scholar webpage with links to numerous scholarly articles on Older Adults and Bullying


Safe & Savvy:  A Guide to Help Older People Avoid Abuse, Scams, and Fraud.


Older Adults and Bullying: Psychological Abuse by a Different Name


Financial Abuse – Four pages of internet links to information about Elder Financial Abuse, from the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse


Senior Aware Brochure on Preventing Abuse and Fraud


2019 Seniors Report by the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments


The Power of Attorney Project: Elder Abuse Awareness


The Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse – Financial Abuse Links (a selection of links to some excellent information and literature on Elder Financial Abuse


Brochure: Financial Abuse of Seniors - It's Time to Face the Reality


Bill 115 (2017, chapter 10) An Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations


Social Isolation of Seniors

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