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Manotick Rememberance Garden

Remembrance Garden (1).jpg

Chris Bradford, Remembrance Garden Lead, organized his garden team (Dinah Forrester, Pat Whelan, Barb Blair, Nicky Mack, Peter Trottier, Margery Toner, and Bruce Lindsay) to spread the remaining topsoil and spread the mulch in the various gardens. We also, Kate Aucoin, Millenium Garden Lead from the Manotick Horticultural Society, give us a bit of a hand. Chris has ordered more mulch as we needed more to finish the gardens. We expect to receive this material this week, so I expect Chris to call his team to finish the work. The garden is absolutely beautiful. Please enjoy the garden as often as you can - it is there for you and all of Manotick. The photos were taken by Peter Trottier.


Navy Remembrance Garden

Remembrance Garden.(2).jpg
Remembrance Garden(3).jpg

Army Rememberance Garden

Peacekeeping Rememberance Garden

Remembrance Garden.Peacekeeping.jpg
Remembrance Garden Homefront(1).jpg

Homefront Rememberance Gardent

Air Force Remembrance Garden

Remembrance Garden Air Force.jpg

Heading 1

Gerry Dean,

Pat Whelan,

Roy Blair

Pat's 80th.jpg

at Whelan, Roy Blair, and Gerry Dean

Digital art exhibit
Judy G1.jpg

Catch the Ace Winner, Judy Gravelle with Peter, Shirley, and Harv.


Susan Dufault and Simone Bachelor being presented an Ontario Command membership award

Shirley Spinks, Shelley & Dwayne Sawyer, and Harvey Renaud with support dogs Darren and Nala


New Executive Committee member, Garnett Bull.

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