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Rental Policy

NOTE: In signing this agreement you, the Renter, are accepting full responsibility in assuring that all of the attendees to your event, including Caterers if applicable, respect and exercise all of the COVID 19 mandatory Rules and Conditions during your event. In addition you will be held directly responsible for any and all fines and/or tickets issued by the authorities due to any violation(s) by any attendee(s), including your Caterer. Any person or persons, including your Caterer, in violation of these COVID 19 Rules and Conditions shall be asked to leave the premises.


1. This agreement is for the rental of the specified space(s) only. It does NOT include use of the Members' Lounge or the use of the Legion's dishes, flatware, linens or condiments.


2. You, the Renter(s), shall be responsible for the setting up, the taking down and storage of all tables, chairs and stage required for your rental activity. The room/hall shall be left in a clean tidy condition, with all generated garbage removed.


3. All decorations shall be removed from the premises immediately after the event, and the premises will be left in a clean and tidy condition. Rice and confetti, including "numbers", shall not be used on the premises, inside or outside. No flames (e.g. candles) are permitted with the exception of birthday cake candles.


4. Professional Caterers may be used, but they must be approved in advance by the Legion management. All Caterers will be subject to Branch policies and direction by Branch Staff. Caterers will provide their own kitchen utensils, dishes, flatware and linens. You, the Renter, are responsible in ensuring your Caterers leave the kitchen and serving area in a neat and clean condition.


5. Kitchen use will be supervised by Legion staff. The kitchen shall be left in a clean state, as found. Renter and/or Caterer shall remove from the Legion's premises all garbage generated by your event.


6. Only Branch 314's Liquor License shall be in effect at all times. The Bar will close 30 minutes before the end of the rental event (not including the clean-up period). Renters, Caterers, Attendees and Guests will not bring in ANY private alcohol for consumption in the building or on the grounds - as it violates our license and is illegal to do so. No alcohol can or will be auctioned, as it too violates our license.


7. No Item that is available for purchase at the bar shall be brought into or consumed on the premises.


8. As the Renter you are directly responsible for any and all damages and/or breakages caused by yourself or by any of your Guests/Attendees during your rental event.


9. You, the Renter, are responsible for obtaining any licenses required by law, for events requiring them (e.g. 50/50 draws, bingos, lotteries, raffles, etc.). Detection of any illegal gaming, lotteries or the auctioning of any liquor shall result in immediate closure of the Bar and clearance of the Hall.


10. The Renter signing this agreement assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all Guests, Attendees and Caterers while on the Legion premises. A $50.00 refundable Good Will Deposit is required to protect against any damage or unclean areas (see 2 & 5) caused during the rental, along with a $50.00 refundable Garbage Disposal Deposit (see 2 & 4). Both of these deposits shall be refunded at the end of the rental, provided the Duty Officer or Bar Steward is satisfied that all conditions of this contract have been met. (i.e. the premises are damage free and all Renter's/Caterer's garbage is removed from the premises.)


11. The Branch Duty Officer or Branch Bar Steward shall have overall authority during your event.


12. If you are planning on using your own Audio/Video equipment in conjunction with the Branch's installed equipment, it is STRONGLY recommended that you arrange a time prior to your rental to prove compatibility of the same.


13. Legion parking is at the North side of the building.

I agree to all of the above and to abide by all Branch 314's Policies, House Rules, Rental Conditions & Rental Charges and all of the latest Mandatory COVID 19 Do's and Don'ts. 

Renter's Name: (Print)________________________                                          Signature:__________________________


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