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Veterans entitlements, benefits and / or eligibility

This event requires an RSVP before April 12. Do you have questions about Questions: Veterans entitlements, benefits and / or eligibility?

Veterans entitlements, benefits and / or eligibility
Veterans entitlements, benefits and / or eligibility

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Ottawa, Manotick, Ottawa, ON, Canada

About the event

Do you have questions about Veterans entitlements, benefits and / or eligibility?

The Provincial Service Officer, Ms. Patricia Royle, will be visiting the area the week of 24 April, 2023.  She is the Ontario Command professional authority on VAC and Legion Benefits, and she would be happy to sit down with any member of our Branch who may have questions or concerns about any aspect of Veterans entitlements, benefits and / or eligibility.

She certainly has more expertise in Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and Legion entitlements and benefits than I (and most other VSOs) have; so this is your opportunity to meet with Ms. Royle and get answers from a professional.

If you’d like an interview, email Bryan Mack at the following information by April 12.

Branch Member's name:

Service / Regimental number:

Reason for the visit:

You’re encouraged to bring any materials that could bear upon the question or the concerns that you wish to discuss.

If you’re eligible to receive VAC benefits and wish to apply for those benefits, there are two factors that must be particularly well supported.

1. The first is "military causation."  You must be ready to clearly demonstrate (to the maximum possible extent) that the injuries from which you may be suffering derive from your military service / duties.  It is not sufficient to say that they are related, you must demonstrate the relationship, using whatever evidence, records, or testimony you are able to submit.  There will be military records that can be searched for supporting documentation, but they may not tell the whole picture, so ensure that you make available whatever you have (or can find) to support the military causation.

2. The second factor is the impact that the injury has on your life.  I've encountered people who would simply say that the injury causes constant pain (for which compensation is sought).  However, in fact, you may find that your injury does much, much more than cause you pain.  It could, for example, affect your life in any or all of the following types of ways (and this is just a sampling); it could:

· interfere with you ability to participate in sports in which you previously participated (e.g. hockey, baseball, running, other athletics) and which you greatly enjoyed;

· prevent you from dancing with your spouse, when you previously danced with him or her frequently at Legion and other dances or social;

· prevent you from doing many of the chores that you used to do around the house but can no longer do (specify the chores);

· prevent you from standing for long periods, which may preclude you from standing in a queue for any number of reasons or activities;

· contribute to depression and low self-esteem (which, at certain times, and in certain situations, can even be considered a separate injury);

· prevent you from playing actively with your children or grand-children (which can be truly impactful for many Veterans);

· affects you ability to be intimate with your partner;

· prevents you from driving (perhaps obliging you to take taxis);

· requires the installation of special modifications to your home and property;

· etc., etc., etc.

VAC cannot determine the appropriate scale of compensation, unless they know all of the ways in which your injury affects you - so don't be shy; tell them all of the ways it impacts your life.

As to the timing, once you submit an interview request, the interview will be scheduled for sometime in the week of the Provincial Service Officer's visit and someone, possibly me, will get back to you to confirm the specific timing.

This is an important opportunity for our members to learn more about their entitlements and benefits.  Don't let lingering questions or concerns go unaddressed.

Warmest Regards,

Bryan D. Mack

Veterans Services Officer

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 314

5550 Ann Street, Manotick, ON  K4M 1A3


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