The Manotick Legion offers a variety of Sports and activities. 

At the moment, given Covid-19 restrictions, there are no sports available.  We will post new information as it comes available.


You can also join the legion to all participation in Zone Sports, which is a competition between our Legion and other Legion branches in our zone. Zone Sports are open to any member in good standing of South Carleton Branch 314, with some restrictions regarding transferred members. The entry fees for zone sport events are paid for by the branch. The Zone deadline for receiving entries is 2 weeks prior to the event.  The Sports Director requires that a member signs up 3-4 weeks prior to the event to allow time for paperwork, signatures and entry fees. All sign-up sheets and information is posted on the Sports Board in the Members' Lounge. You can also call the legion email me the Sports Director to sign up.  If more people sign up than the legion is allowed to send, a qualifying tournament will be held, usually 3 weeks prior to the event, to determine who represents our branch.


Please refer to the table below for event dates.