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Soldier On

Contact Information is as Follows:


E-Mail for SOLDIER ON:                       


E-Mail for NCR Regional Coordinator:


Soldier On is a program of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) which contributes to the recovery of ill and injured veterans and CAF members by providing opportunities and resources through sport, recreational, and creative activities.  Soldier On is recognized for improving the quality of life of the ill and injured and is a highly visible and integral component of the Department of National Defence, and the CAF’s commitment to the care of ill and injured veterans and military members. Generous Canadians support the program through donations and fundraising to the Soldier On Fund, which is managed by Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services.


SOLDIER ON supports ill and injured veterans and military members using sport and physical recreational activities to enable social support, build confidence in their abilities, and realize their full potential.  It provides a safe environment in which the ill or injured may challenge themselves and become inspired in ways that they may not have thought possible, contributing to, and providing a gateway to enhance ones’ well-being. This re-introduction to an active lifestyle provides opportunities to develop new skills, build confidence and meet peers with similar challenges. 




The SOLDIER ON grant program, for veterans and military members, provides short-term financial support so that cost does not stand in the way of an active lifestyle.  The is available to any serving member or veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who acquired a permanent physical or mental health illness or injury, while serving their country.  The grant can help defray the cost of sporting or recreational equipment and / or fund participation in structures group (athletic) activities. 


The process of accessing this program is simple:


Step One is to register with SOLDIER ON by completing the form available on the following webpage:


Step Two is to read the grant application guide at the following webpage:




Step Three is to complete and submit the SOLDIER ON grant application.


Related contact information is as follows:



Soldier On Fund

295 Coventry Rd.

Ottawa, ON, K1K 4M7


Phone:                 1-800-883-6094








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