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Remembrance Day

The Branch organizes Remembrance Ceremonies at the three Cenotaphs within its bounds.


The largest ceremony is in Manotick on November 11, Remembrance Day. There is normally an Ecumenical Church Service of Remembrance, followed by a Parade to the Cenotaph, the Remembrance Ceremony itself, return Parade, and a reception.


Similar ceremonies are normally held on the Sunday before November 11 at the Cenotaphs in Kars and North Gower. Details of the several ceremonies are published each year at the Legion office and in the local media. Details can also be found in the Calendar of Events during the weeks preceding November 11.

The Remembrance Vigil is conducted by the 2958 Army Cadet Corps (of which Branch 314 is the Sponsor). The Vigil begins at 2300 hrs on November 10, and continues until the Remembrance Ceremony at 1100 hrs on November 11. The cadets hold vigil on a shift basis throughout the night, no matter what the weather. They bivouac in the Legion lower level when not on duty. During the evening of November 10, the Cadets learn more about Remembrance and its meaning from guest speakers, videos, and discussion.

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